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Short bio

Jo Anne is one of Singapore's leading bassoonists. Highly versatile, her free-spirited nature led her to playing in diverse spaces including art galleries and museums.


She began her bassoon studies through a Singapore Youth Orchestra scholarship then studied at Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano, Switzerland).  Her studies were supported by the Singapore National Arts Council and Dr. Gerber-ten Bosch foundation (Zürich).


Jo Anne hosts and produces her own podcast interview series called “Legends of Reed”, which showcases interviews with double reed musicians.


She has performed internationally as a guest musician at various festivals. As a result of her supporting social causes and campaigns with her music she was featured in the documentary “Impossible Orchestra” (Finer Films, Melbourne 2012) and on Dutch TV (NPO Holland Festival “Save the Bassoon Campaign”, 2016). She was accepted for the “Ensemble Evolution” programme at Banff Centre of Arts and Creativity (June – July 2019).


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Full biography

Jo Anne received a full bassoon scholarship at age 12 when she auditioned for the Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO) and was tutored by Zhang Jin Min.


After reading a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Literature, she studied bassoon with Gabor Meszaros at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano, Switzerland). Her studies were supported by Dr. Gerber-ten Bosch Foundation, Zürich and the Singapore National Arts Council. Subsequently, she took masterclasses and private lessons with Ole K. Dahl, Audun Halvorsen, Roman Reznik and Contrabassoon lessons with Hans Wisse.


She is grateful to mentors namely Jamie Hersch, Alexandre Silvério and Bram van Sambeek.


After her Swiss degree she worked professionally in The Netherlands as a freelancer with various organisations and orchestras (2010-11). As an ensemble player, she has performed with Singapore Lyric Opera, Resound Chamber Orchestra and Philharmonic Winds.


In 2012, she was invited by conductor Brett Kelly to play in The Impossible Orchestra – a concert marathon of 24 hours featuring prominent Australian musicians, to raise awareness of unpaid carers in Melbourne, Australia. She was filmed and interviewed in a documentary, directed by Aaron Wilson.


She coaches bassoon in many Secondary schools across Singapore. As a lecturer, she has lectured at institutions such as Republic Polytechnic and SIM University (University at Buffalo Singapore). 


She was invited to perform an excerpt of Grand Subphonia with a Dutch bassoon ensemble, with soloist Bram van Sambeek, on a Dutch TV programme, Holland Festival 2016 as part of the 'Save the Bassoon' campaign.


With the aims of sharing knowledge, she started an interview series “Legends of Reed” showcasing double reed musicians from around the world. It gained warm response from the classical community and was launched as a podcast in April 2018. One of her articles has been published by Festival Peak.


She was invited to be part of the Asian Wind Consort at the Jeju 2018 International Wind Ensemble Festival, South Korea.


She has recorded her debut album, "The Night Garden" in Winter 2018. She is deeply grateful to Michelle and Richard Chen, in association with Chenter Foundation and Licha Stelaus Productions and all the wonderful backers of the Kickstarter campaign for their generous sponsorship of this project.

She has been accepted for "Ensemble Evolution" Arts Residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada (June - July 2019). Her participation is made possible with grants from the Lucy and Stephen Maxym Endowment and the Singapore National Arts Council. 



Jo Anne plays on a Moosmann bassoon Serial Nr 6118 with Heckel bocal CCXL 1. 

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